The Story

The beer gardens in Munich were the birthplace of Rosenbusch, where three German friends regularly met to share their passion for mechanical watches. Each of them held unique stories and experiences intertwined with watches - memories of an old wristwatch passed down by a departed grandfather or tales of a watch acquired to commemorate the birth of a child. For them, a mechanical watch transcends mere timekeeping; it carries profound meaning, bringing memories to life and fostering connections among people.

Driven by this shared sentiment, they founded Rosenbusch with a singular goal: to offer the experience of high-quality mechanical watches to as many people as possible. Their aim was not just to share their passion but also to create meaningful connections and foster a sense of community.

The Founders

Behind The Scenes

Made in Germany

Renowned for precision and craftsmanship, our country has been a beacon of excellence across industries. Nestled within a region boasting a rich horological history, our team draws inspiration from the country's legacy of engineering excellence. With careful attention to detail and years of experience, they hand-assemble each component, ensuring exceptional quality and precise execution.

Our watches reflect this expertise, incorporating high-grade Swiss movements and other internationally sourced components seamlessly integrated into our designs. By conducting our manufacturing processes in Germany, we maintain full control over production, ensuring that our stringent quality goals are met at every step. This results in timepieces that capture the essence of our nation's craftsmanship and innovation.